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    Europeans believe that dangers of climate change represent a more serious problem than the current financial turmoil, according to a new poll.

    The Eurobarometer poll (pdf) suggests that the majority of the public in the European Union consider global warming to be one of the world’s most serious problems, with one-fifth saying it is the single most serious problem. Overall, respondents said climate change was the second most serious issue facing the world, after poverty.

    Connie Hedegaard, European climate commissioner, said: “This is encouraging news. The survey shows that the citizens of Europe can see that economic challenges are not the only ones we face. A clear majority of Europeans expect their politicians and business leaders to address the serious climate challenge now.”

    This is good news—especially when the BRICs and the US seem completely apathetic to climate change (in the case of the US, its certainly due to the power and wealth of the oil industry and its subsidiaries).  

    This also bodes well for the dispute over carbon taxes on airplanes.  Hopefully the democratic will of Europe can withstand lobbying efforts by multinationals and corrupt governments.  Fight on, EU!

    At least someone is paying attention to the long term…

    I’d say rather that the crisis is a lot more abstract for much of Europe - they can see the house fire burning in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, but it hasn’t quite hit home that the house that is on fire is their own.

    (Source: sigma-x)

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