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    A group of self-appointed “patriots” are moving forward with an idea for a planned community of several thousand families of “patriotic Americans” in Idaho, a project named The Citadel, envisioned as a “martial endeavor designed to protect Residents in times of peril (natural or man-made).”

    This is a very special kind of crazy.

    (via “Liberty-Driven” Fortress Community Being Planned In Idaho | TPM LiveWire)


    More like Waco or Ruby Ridge.

    Where is the daughter swap church?

    edit: those walls will really help:  keeping casualites high when the FBI drops white phosphorous and napalm.

    Definitely a D&D map. I think I’ll gank it to use in my campaign..

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    Farmers market…but….where are farms…?
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    this is sort of how I picture a District looking in The Hunger Games.
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    Found my new map next time I run a RPG
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    aside from all the other Really Great Ideas going on here,...especially appreciate the...
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    I really don’t understand humans.
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    They have a farmer’s market, but no farms… how are they going to get food (for their famer’s market) in times of peril...
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    looks pretty legit…and instead of a bunch of “crazy people” i see people who are thinking ahead and watch too much...
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    Also, I see a farmers market, but no room for farmland…?
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    SHOUT “FUCKING...this is really poorly designed
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    worried about any weird kids growing up there also worried about the gov flipping out in a manner reminiscent of waco...
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    Oh, man, if only we could get them all to gather up in Idaho. Sure, it’d ruin the state, but it’s only one state, and it...
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    I don’t see a hospital. Oh, wait, that’s right. The right’s plan is to not get sick,and if you do, die quickly.
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    It’ll be really fun to watch them try to eat guns.
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    hehe: will do for some rpg some time…
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    Ruby Ridge II: Batshit Boogaloo
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    This is pretty cool, except...the fact that it’s for “Patriotic
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